Refresh Automation

Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) is a software solution to standardize, automate and accelerate System and Client Refreshes for SAP® Systems:

  • High-speed update of QA, Sandbox, or Test systems with fresh production data
  • Fully automated pre-processing, copy, and post-processing
  • Fast turnaround and minimum manual intervention during the process
  • Standardized procedures with consistent results
  • No changes to existing SAP landscape necessary

How it works

Libelle SystemCopy comes with two main components – an Automation Framework built and tailored towards automating system refreshes for SAP Systems, and a Task Repository with almost 500 pre-defined tasks to automate system and client Refreshes. It automates the complete workflow of a single source system to one or multiple target systems. Once installed, the refresh process scales without limits in terms of number of sources, number of targets, number of refreshes, or number of steps executed in each refresh. Libelle is an industry leader in the system refresh automation market due to the ease of use, ability to run without changes to the existing landscape, copy/paste capabilities of configuration to new systems, depth and quality of the repository, and the speed upon which refreshes are delivered



Libelle SystemCopy provides an easy, predictable, and user-friendly way to execute all system refresh steps in a fully automated fashion. The automated approach streamlines the complete process end-to-end, including all pre-processing steps, a fully automated database copy, and all post-processing steps including BDLS. Libelle DataMasking and ClientCopy add-ons automate additional steps. The results are highly predictable and lightning fast.

  • Industry-leading automation repository with 450+ pre-configured tasks
  • Simple to implement, simple to run, simple to change
  • Long standing impeccable track record with best-practice implementation methodology
  • 90 days satisfaction guarantee after license purchase
  • Most advanced, industry-leading, highly optimized BDLS
  • Traceability through automated PDF reports
  • Fully automated DB Copy phase built-in
  • Highly predictable and consistent

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