Data Masking

Libelle DataMasking (LDM) is a software solution to standardize, automate and accelerate Data Masking for Enterprises. Results are fully anonymized datasets while keeping data fully consistent within and across applications. This allows for safely developing and testing Software across the Application Lifecycle. LDM Anonymizing Algorithms deliver realistically looking values which can be used to support test and release as if it were real data.

  • Selectively mask data according to customizable rules
  • Template-based or custom profiles such as Names, E-Mail addresses, etc.
  • Realistic looking names for persons, correct addresses, valid account numbers, etc.
  • Ensure consistent masking within and across Application via Maskign Keys
  • Setup once, run many times
  • Support for Oracle, DB2, SAP HANA®, SAP MaxDB, SAP® ASE®, MySQL, MS SQL
  • Fully integrates with Libelle's System Refresh Automation Solution Libelle SystemCopy

How we do it

Libelle DataMasking (LDM) is a standalone Enterprise Masking Solution to automate the obfuscate of sensitive data. After installing the solution, connections to one or multiple databases or filesystems are established, so called 'Data Stores'. With these connections, Masking Profiles can be built - what fields in which columns should be obfuscated. Profiles can be created from pre-defined templates (e.g. SAP HR), from customer-provided table, column, and field names, or with the help of the LDM explorer which scourts the database structure or SAP Data Dictionary for sensitive data to mask. After Profiles are established, Masking Procedures are assigned to the Profiles. Procedures can be selected from a wide-range of standard templates such as shifting dates within range for date of births, or creating random digits for Social Security Numbers. The configurations are finally saved, and the first masking run is executed. After validation of data structure and performance results, the same process can continue to mask data ad-hoc, or after every system built.



  • Protect Sensitive Data by deploying automated and optimized Data Masking Procedures.
  • Ensure Consistency with algorithm leaving fully anonymized/ scrambled data but keeping consistent names, addresses, keys, bank account data, credit card numbers, etc.
  • Pre-defined Anonymizing Profile Templates for names, addresses, DOB, SSNs, etc.
  • Pre-defined Anonymizing Procedures include scrambling of names, addresses, shifting date within range, overwrite constants, deletes, standardizations,e tc.
  • High-performance optimization with up to 200k rows/second
  • Administrator Dashboard for standardized operation

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